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Hallo and welcome to The Hatchlings.

We are a group of friends that have created a small guild on The Rathe.

We all have members in High-mid end guilds, however this is our relaxasions guild. This is why its near to impossible to get in, as you need to know us 1. In real live 2. We must trust you that you dont reveal our mains to anyone 3. You must accept our special rules:

a. Your main MUST be a Drakkin.
b. Your main MUST be max lvl 11 (current lvl)
c.  You MUST follow the lvl of the "small ones"
d. You are allowed to have mains in other guilds, BUT have to participate in the Drakkin breath quests (This will be planned best for all)
e. You can have other toons also non Drakkins, but D, will apply for this too.
f. No toon in the guild must atm, exceed lvl 71, at 71 you are required to do AA's untill we open up for further leveling, dont ask why, this is just how it is.
g. You are required to find fun in wierd stuff and participating in stuff that WILL kill you, death is a part of the game, and if you die you get a rez, but if you surwieve you will have acomplished some great for your level.
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